ozone decomposition catalyst for corona treater

Corona treatment is mainly used for surface treatment of plastic film or plastic sheet. Before ink printing, laminating, blowing, coating, gluing, material modification, polymerization, film metallization, casting and adhesions of the materials, in order to make the surface have stronger adhesion (i.e. higher dyne level), and prevent the printing and gluing from fading, dropping and other poor effects, it is necessary to use corona surface treatment.

Corona treatment will produce ozone when it’s under electrical discharge., and the high concentration of ozone is harmful to the human body. Some manufacturers remove ozone by installing fans, but they cannot eliminate ozone fundamentally. A safe, environmentally friendly and effective solution is to destroy ozone through ozone decomposition catalyst. The ozone decomposition catalyst can oxidize ozone and decompose it into oxygen and carbon dioxide. The ozone decomposition catalyst produced by HUNAN XINTAN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, and can solve the problem of large amounts of ozone produced by corona equipment.

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