VOCs treatment

VOCs is the general name of volatile organic gas, the full name is Volatile Organic Compounds, mainly including benzene series, organic chloride, freon series, organic ketone, amine, alcohol, ether, ester, acid and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds. It mainly comes from the following industries:

1) In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, VOCs are mainly derived from the volatilization of solvents, and the chemical components are mainly ether compounds, alcohols and ketones.

2) The food processing industry mainly releases alkanes and alcohols.

3) Synthetic leather industry, mainly releasing toluene and ketones.

4) Other industries, such as furniture, petroleum, chemical, enameled wire, color steel, tobacco, rubber

The honeycomb noble metal catalyst produced by Hunan Xin carbon takes cordierite as the carrier, and a small amount of rare earth material is added through a special process, so that the catalyst structure is more stable, the surface active coating adhesion is stronger, and it is not easy to fall off. It has very good treatment effect on regular VOCs gas treatment and benzene series, and is widely used in CO and RCO devices.


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