Quality Assurance

Xin carbon testing room has a variety of precision testing instruments, especially equipped with chemical method rapid sulfur meter, can be measured within 10 minutes of sulfur content index. The index inspection is carried out in accordance with the standards of the state and the Ministry of Metallurgy. The company actively constructs the enterprise quality management system, and cooperates with the Quality Inspection and Supervision Bureau to carry out perfect quality inspection, strictly following the four major functions of gatekeeping, prevention, reporting and improvement.


Basic inspection items:

1: carbon content 2: ash content 3: volatile content 4: sulfur content 5: moisture content 6: nitrogen content 7: weight



Inspection process:



unqualified product inspection process:



Inspection document:

The inspection results of each shift shall be issued by the quality inspection personnel, and the reviewers shall proofread and review the four copies, which shall be held by the sales (procurement), production, quality inspectors and reviewers respectively, and the files shall be kept.



Inspection equipment picture display


carbon sulfur analyzer

determination of ash

Rapid sulfur meter