Gas mask and refuge chamber

Carbon dioxide sorbents and desiccants are widely used in gas masks and refuge rooms. In the event of a fire, a large amount of smoke and carbon monoxide gas are produced. Excess carbon monoxide gas can cause asphyxiation. Therefore, public places are generally equipped with gas masks, filter tanks, which are loaded with hoparat agent (carbon monoxide elimination catalyst), put into the gas mask, it can quickly and effectively convert carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide. Protection of personal safety. Hogarat agents are sensitive to moisture and are often used with kogarat desiccants for gas masks. Hunan Xin carbon kagarat has the characteristics of high water absorption and long water absorption time. It is an ideal desiccant for gas masks.

The main function of the refuge room is to provide a safe escape space when the self-rescue device worn by the underground personnel cannot safely withdraw from the ground within the rated protection time after the underground fire, explosion, outburst and other disasters. Mine accidents are often accompanied by toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and methane. The door of the refuge chamber is provided with an air purification device in which a carbon monoxide catalyst, a carbon dioxide adsorbent, a desiccant and a deodorizing device are fixed. They can adsorb or catalyze toxic and harmful gases through air circulation, and can convert large amounts of carbon monoxide. The carbon dioxide adsorbent can absorb excessively high concentrations of carbon dioxide.


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