Ozone decomposition

Ozone is a fishy smell of light blue gas, with strong oxidation, widely used in food, medicine, sewage treatment and garbage sterilization and disinfection. In practical applications, there is usually residual ozone, and excessive ozone concentration will cause harm to human health. China has set the safe ozone concentration at 0.15ppm, and the International Ozone Association has set the safe ozone concentration at 0.1ppm.

Xin carbon ozone destruction catalyst can effectively decompose the residual ozone, the ozone into oxygen, the conversion rate of up to 99%, non-toxic harmless.

Our ozone decomposition catalysts and ozone removal filters are mainly used in the following ozone-related equipment.

1) Destruction of ozone tail gas from industrial ozone generator

Industrial ozone generator power is higher, the concentration of ozone tail gas is also relatively high, so the need to dispose of ozone tail gas can be discharged. The ozone decomposition catalyst produced by Xin carbon can decompose ozone with a concentration of more than 1000ppm, the decomposition rate is as high as 99%, and the service life can be as long as 2-3 years.

2) Printing equipment

Since the laser printer needs to generate high-voltage static electricity during use and adsorb carbon powder through static electricity, the high-voltage static electricity will ionize oxygen molecules (O2) in the surrounding air to form atomic oxygen (O), and the atomic oxygen will combine with the surrounding oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3). Xin carbon ozone decomposition catalyst can effectively remove the ozone generated by laser.

2) Family kitchen waste disposer

In many developed countries, the requirements for environmental protection are particularly high. Kitchen waste cannot be discarded at will. It must be decomposed and harmlessly treated by the ozone of the garbage processor. The processor is equipped with an ozone decomposition catalyst to remove residual ozone. Xin Carbon has a specially customized ozone decomposition catalyst, which is suitable for kitchen waste disposers.

4) Ozone-related medical areas

5) large restaurants and outdoor open kitchen utensils

Large open kitchen utensils have large air volume, and the use of granular ozone decomposition catalyst will lead to large wind resistance. The ozone filter screen produced by Hunan Xin Carbon uses aluminum honeycomb as the carrier, which can greatly reduce wind resistance and is convenient and easy to load.


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