The difference between natural flake graphite and artificial graphite

As we all know, there are many differences between #natural graphite powder and #artificial graphite in terms of price, performance, and materials. But they are widely used in industrial production. Do you know the difference between them?
First of all, there is a certain difference between natural flake graphite and artificial graphite.
Natural flake graphite, as the name suggests, is flake-shaped. Pure natural graphite can be roughly processed into nuclei, graphite flakes, etc., and after fine processing, it can be made into graphite flakes and natural graphite films. The artificial graphite substrate is not graphite, but made of insulating sheets, and then graphite powder is added to both sides. Artificial graphite has high cost and relatively low output.
Finally, in terms of production and processing methods, there are differences between natural flake graphite and artificial flake graphite.
Natural flake graphite is the product of deep processing such as ore beneficiation, flotation, drying, sorting, purification, and crushing. Artificial graphite is a petroleum coke product that has undergone graphitization.

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