Sample delivery of copper oxide (CuO) catalyst

In response to the needs of Korean customers, our company sent 20 kg of copper oxide (CuO) catalyst with Φ5*5mm today.In order to let sample be delivered to customers more safely, sample is specially packaged with aluminum foil vacuum bags

As a deoxidation catalyst with high copper content and high bulk density, Copper oxide (CuO) catalyst can provide a longer cycle period.It is generally used to remove oxygen in nitrogen and other inert gases. The copper oxide (CuO) catalyst developed and produced by "Xintan" has the advantages of fast catalytic efficiency and long service life. If used normally, it can generally reach 5 years or even longer.

As a special choice of products of many customers, “XINTAN catalyst “ has many successful applications in domestic and foreign cooperations,. Catalyst can be customized according to different specific requirements.  At present, we have successfully developed ozone removal catalyst, carbon monoxide catalyst, deoxidizing catalyst, desiccant etc. We welcome domestic and foreign partners to inquire.

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