Ozone catalyst manufacturer's solution processing technology

Ozone catalyst manufacturer's solution processing technology

At this stage, the only method for mass production of ozone is the silent charging and discharging method. The raw material gas for producing ozone is air or oxygen. The raw gas must undergo cleaning solutions such as degreasing, dehumidification, and ash removal, otherwise it will harm the ozone production rate

And all the normal applications of machinery and equipment. The concentration value of ozone made with air is generally 10 ~ 20mg/liter; the concentration value of ozone made with oxygen is 20-40mg/liter. This type of air or oxygen containing 1 to 4% (net weight ratio) ozone

Gas is the ozonated gas used in water treatment.

The ozone caused by the ozone generator is diffused into the water waiting to be treated according to the water vapor touching the machinery and equipment-generally, a micro-orifice diffuser, a bubble tower or atomizing nozzle, a turbocharger switching valve, etc. are used. Ozone usage rate

In order to achieve more than 90%, the remaining ozone is discharged with the exhaust gas. In order to prevent the environment from polluting the air, the exhaust gas can be dissolved by the catalytic reaction of activated carbon or Hogarat agent, and the ozone can also be dissolved by the catalytic combustion method.

Xintan ozone removal/decomposition catalyst is a mixture of copper oxide and manganese dioxide (MnO2 and CuO2 ), which is mainly used to destroy ozone, filter gas mask for breathing, sewage and toxic exhaust deal with. Ozone decomposition catalyst also has the ability to convert CO to CO2. “XINTAN catalyst “ has many successful applications in domestic and foreign cooperations.





3 or 5mm

MnO₂/CuO Ratio

3:2 or 2:1



Bulk density


Ball-milling Strength



Remark:In order to keep this catalyst dry, It usually need desiccant when it’s used

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