Introduction of recarburizer

     Recarburizer, as the name suggests, are used to increase carbon content. It is widely used in casting industry. The shape of carbon raiser is usually granular or powder, when used into hot iron, can increase the toughness of cast iron or cast steel.

      There are many kinds of recarburizer, calcined anthracite(also called CAC), calcined petroleum coke(CPC), graphitized petroleum coke(GPC).  Electrode scraps and graphite crucible, by crushing screening, can also be used as a high carbon content of graphitzed carbon raiser.  The highest grade is graphitization recarburizer. Graphitization recarburizer is process at temperature more than 2000 degrees .The carbon content is generally above 98.5%, belongs to the high-end carburizer.

       Recarburizer is widely used in ductile iron and gray iron casting, brake pads, machine tools, auto parts production.

       Recarburizer, by screening, can be made into 1-5mm.0.2-1mm,1-3mm and 0-0.5mm, but the most popular is 1-5mm and 0.2-1mm.

      China export large quantities of graphitized petroleum coke and calcined anthracite every year. As an trustable supplier. Hunan Xintan has been supplying recarburizer over 10 years. It keeps receiving good feedback from customers.

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