Introduction of Earthy graphite

    Earthy graphite is also called amorphous graphite, cryptocrystalline graphite or microcrystalline graphite. The crystal diameter of this graphite is generally less than 1 micron. It is an aggregate of microcrystalline graphite, and the crystal form can only be seen under an electron microscope. Earthy graphite ore is gray-black, steel-gray, generally dull in luster, and has dense massive, earthy, layered, and sheet-like structures.

    Earthy graphite is widely used in foundry coatings, oil field drilling, battery carbon rods, steel, casting materials, refractory materials, dyes, fuels, electrode pastes, as well as pencils, welding rods, batteries, graphite emulsions, desulfurizers, anti-corrosion agents and anti-slip agents , smelting recarburizer, ingot mold slag, graphite bearing and other products ingredients.

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