Industrial advantages of Natural flake graphite

Graphite is widely used in refractory materials and coatings in the metallurgical industry and stabilizers for military explosive materials, desulfurizers in the smelting industry, pencil cores in the light industry, carbon brushes in the electrical industry, electrodes in the battery industry, catalysts in the fertilizer industry, etc. After continuous in-depth processing, flake graphite can produce a graphite emulsion, which can be used for other lubricants, mold release agents, wire-drawing agents, conductive coatings, etc., and can also be used to produce expanded graphite for enterprise flexible graphite products. The main raw materials, such as flexible graphite seals and flexible graphite composite materials and chemicals. The reason why it is so widely used is mainly because graphite powder has the following five advantages:


1. Has a good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

Natural flake graphite has good conductivity. Although it cannot be compared with metals such as aluminum, iron, and copper, its conductivity is quite high compared with other common materials, which is three times that of carbon steel and five times that of stainless steel. The metal material is 100 times higher. It has a temperature with high super thermal insulation performance, and it is usually different from metal materials, and the thermal conductivity of general metals increases with increasing temperature. Natural flake graphite tends to be adiabatic at extremely high temperatures.


2. With super high temperature resistance

The general material will form gas in the molten state when it exceeds 2000°C, but theNatural flake graphite does not melt, its melting point is about 3900°C, the boiling point temperature of 4250°C, and the loss of Natural flake graphite at very high temperature rate is very low.


3. Good lubricity

The friction coefficient of Natural flake graphite can be less than 0.1, and the performance of the lubrication system changes with the size of the scale. The larger the scale, the smaller the friction correlation coefficient and the better the performance of the lubricating material.


4. Excellent thermal shock resistance

Natural flake graphite has good thermal shock resistance. When the temperature changes suddenly, its thermal expansion coefficient is small, and its good thermal stability prevents its graphite-related products from cracking.


5. Good chemical stability

At room temperature, graphite has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to corrosion by acids, bases, and organic solvents.


Flake graphite is natural eutectic graphite, its shape is like fish phosphorus, belongs to hexahedral crystal system .With advantage of flake crystalline integrity, thin film ,toughness, floatability, lubricity and plasticity, Natural flake graphite is more superior than other graphite .




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