ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification Review Meeting Held

On the afternoon of March 27, 2020, Hunan Xintan New Materials Co., Ltd.'s ISO9001 quality management system certification review meeting was held as scheduled with the cooperation of various departments.


The general manager of the company Shouhuai Huang pointed out that the ISO9001 quality management system certification is an important part of improving the company's management capabilities and optimizing customer service. We must seize the opportunity of this review to take the company's management level to a new level. Hunan Xintan New Material Co., Ltd. focuses on the operation of artificial graphite, recarburizer and gas treatment catalyst. Our goal is to be specialized in the field of materials so that customers can truly appreciate the value of the company's services.


Hongru Hu , the representative of China Enterprise Huaxin Certification Center Co., Ltd., explained the problems existing in the first phase of the system review one by one,

And each department is required to seriously rectify and implement in accordance with the requirements of the system. The heads of various departments made a statement on the goals of the quality system operation and their own work.Everyone agreed that they would coordinate the work of various departments in accordance with the requirements of the quality system. Under the strict control of the epidemic, they should do their best and work hard to reach an agreement in early April to pass the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification.

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