Application of Hogarat Agent in Fire Fighting Mask

Modern high-rise buildings are decorated with plastic decorations and wooden furnishings. There are quite a lot of families using transparent foamed plastic filled furniture. Despite the appearance of these decoration items, accidentally catching fire will spread very quickly. And in the combustion process will produce a lot of toxic smoke, sometimes carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and so on. Toxic smoke is one of the things that hinder the escape of crowds and lead to the unfortunate death of people.
There are two main aspects of fire causing casualties: one is suffocation by dense smoke and poisonous gas, and the other is flame burn and strong heat radiation. As long as you can avoid or reduce these two hazards, you can protect your own safety and reduce injuries. Therefore, if you master more tips for self-rescue on the fire, you may be able to get a second life in the breakthrough.
Filter-type fire self-rescue respirators, also called gas masks, smoke masks, fire escape masks, etc., are generally deployed in hotels, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, airport terminals, entertainment venues and other public places and residences for people in the event of a fire Use when escape.
Hogarat agent is a good catalyst for CO oxidation at room temperature, and is a granular catalyst made of active manganese dioxide and copper oxide in a certain proportion. , Has the characteristics of low cost, high catalytic performance, can adsorb carbon monoxide, so it is widely used in filter self-rescue respirators.
Xintan ozone removal/decomposition catalyst is a mixture of copper oxide and manganese dioxide (MnO2 and CuO2 ), which is mainly used to destroy ozone, filter gas mask for breathing, sewage and toxic exhaust deal with. Ozone decomposition catalyst also has the ability to convert CO to CO2. “XINTAN catalyst “ has many successful applications in domestic and foreign cooperations.

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