Advantages of ozone catalysts.

Advantages of ozone catalysts.


1. High catalytic activity: a variety of metal co-impregnation technology, good dispersion of active components, in situ promote ozone decomposition into OH. And degrade pollutants;

2. Fast reaction speed: large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity for ozone and organic matter, and accelerate the reaction rate;

3. Environmentally friendly: it does not contain harmful components such as heavy metals, it can be recycled and reused after its service life is reached, and there is no waste discharge;

4. Easy to use: no need to provide any additional agent, can accelerate ozone decomposition at room temperature;

5. Long service life: under the premise of reasonable use, the service life can reach more than three years;

Hunan Xintan’s Ozone decomposition catalyst can be used in: garbage disposal, wastewater treatment, ozone-type sterilization rooms , printing plants, chemical plants, medical disinfection cabinets, etc.

Ozone decomposition catalyst Parameter




3±0.3mm or 5±0.5mm

MnO/CuO Ratio








Ball-milling Strength


Bulk Density

0.78 -1.0kg/l


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