Ozone destruction catalyst

Ozone destruction catalyst /Ozone decomposition catalyst is made from the active ingredients manganese dioxide (MnO2) and copper oxide (CuO). The product has a black or dark brown columnar appearance with a particle diameter of 3mm or 5mm. The ozone decomposition catalyst produced by Hunan Xintan does not contain any activated carbon material, it has the characteristics of long service life, high efficiency, safety and low cost. The catalyst is mainly used to destroy ozone in exhaust emissions and can effectively decompose ozone into oxygen at room temperature without requiring any additional energy.

Model: XT-CAT-02

Characteristic: long service life; high efficiency; safe use; low cost

Specifications: diameter 3mm or 5mm cylindrical clover particles

Index: See product details for specific parameters

Package: 35kg or 40kg iron drum or plastic drum

Application area: Widely used in ozone generators, sewage and water treatment, commercial printers and other equipments.

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