carbon molecular sieve(CMS)

The carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is a slit-like micro-pore structure of carbon-based adsorbents, capable of separating molecules with different molecular sizes. The main component of CMS is elemental carbon, which appears as a black columnar solid.

With a broad range of raw materials, the CMS enjoys many advantages, including but not limited to a large specific surface area, an adjustable pore structure, high thermal and chemical stability, and an excellent adsorption performance. Over the years, the CMS has been extensively applied in air separation and purification, wastewater treatment and energy storage, particularly in the enrichment of nitrogen from the air.

CMS is the crucial element of any PSA nitrogen production plant.The PSA process provides an in-house, indepedent Nitrogen supply at low cost for ineritizing storage tanks, piplines and tankers, for processing and storing perishable foods and beverages, for heat treatment of metals, for processing plastic and fibers, in microchip production and many other applications.

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