Effective application of ozone decomposition catalyst

The addition of ozone catalyst in sewage can improve catalytic activity, enhance degradation ability, and improve ozone utilization. It has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and long service life. So what factors will affect the performance of the ozone catalyst? The factors affecting the performance of ozone catalysts are as follows:

1. Ozone concentration. Since the solubility of ozone in water is relatively small, increasing the concentration of ozone can improve the dissolution balance of ozone in water, increase the concentration of ozone in water, and thereby improve the oxidation effect of ozone catalyst in water.

2. Response time. Generally, as the reaction time increases, the removal rate of COD and chroma also increases. Therefore, if the reaction time can be shortened, the efficiency of organic wastewater degradation can be improved, and the reaction time can be shortened by using an ozone catalyst.

3. Ozone dosage. Both the chroma and COD removal rate increase with the increase of the ozone input dose, but the ozone concentration is affected by the solubility of ozone.

4. PH value. With the increase of PH value, the removal rate of COD and chromaticity increased to varying degrees, but then decreased. In a weakly alkaline environment, the removal rate is the highest. The PH value should be controlled to be greater than 4 and less than 10.

5. Temperature. When the temperature is raised at low temperature, the removal rate of COD and chromaticity shows an upward trend. If the temperature continues to rise, the removal rate decreases (this may be caused by accelerated ozone decomposition). Temperature has a significant effect on the reaction rate. The increase in temperature helps to increase the concentration of free radicals generated by the self-decomposition of ozone molecules in the aqueous solution, and the increase in temperature helps the average molecules of pollutants and ozone molecules or free radicals in the aqueous solution. Kinetic energy facilitates the collision of pollutant molecules with ozone molecules or free radicals, thereby increasing the rate of oxidative degradation.

Hunan Xintan’s Ozone decomposition catalyst can be used in: garbage disposal, wastewater treatment, ozone-type sterilization rooms , printing plants, chemical plants, medical disinfection cabinets, etc.

Ozone decomposition catalyst Parameter




3±0.3mm or 5±0.5mm

MnO/CuO Ratio








Ball-milling Strength


Bulk Density

0.78 -1.0kg/l



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