Ozone decomposition catalyst shipment

On the afternoon of May 25, 2020, the prepared ozone decomposition catalyst was loaded and transported under the hard work of the workers. This batch of catalysts will be sent to South Korea for ozone elimination of garbage disposal.
Before shipment,inspection is conducted by our staff to ensure quality for our customer


The ozone waste processor generates ozone inside and circulates the filtered air, and the ozone decomposition catalyst sold by Hunan Xin Carbon New Material Co., Ltd. can effectively control the concentration of ozone to ensure that the ozone is eliminated and the gas is filtered without being too high Lose effect.


Hunan Xintan’s Ozone decomposition catalyst can be used in: garbage disposal, wastewater treatment, ozone-type sterilization rooms , printing plants, chemical plants, medical disinfection cabinets, etc.

Ozone decomposition catalyst Parameter




3±0.3mm or 5±0.5mm

MnO/CuO Ratio








Ball-milling Strength


Bulk Density

0.78 -1.0kg/l



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